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Casa Bosques Chocolate

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Casa Bosques explores the history, methods, origins, and culture of chocolate.
Sourced from small ranches throughout México. Available in three varieties:
70% Criollo dark chocolate, elevated with full bodied cardamom. A grounding and warming experience. Ingredients: organic cacao, powdered cardamom, organic cane sugar.  
Ground Ethiopian Coffee and Cacao Shell X Canyon Coffee
Cacao shell with the earthy tones and subtle fruit notes of the coffee, creates a simple yet layered chocolate. Ingredients: organic cacao, organic coffee, organic cacao shell and organic cane sugar.  
Toasted Buckwheat X Apartamento
Toasted buckwheat with 72% pure and fruity Criollo cacao bean, resulting in a wondrously smoky flavor. Casa Bosques celebrates the world of Apartamento with this refined chocolate by paying homage to their beautifully crafted photos and stories. Ingredients: organic cacao bean, organic toasted buckwheat and organic cane sugar.
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